6 Tips to Get a Promotion At Work Fast

6 Tips to Get a Promotion At Work Fast

Feeling like your career has slowed down recently? Don’t worry, follow these effective tips to impress you boss and get promoted fast.

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It’s hard to be on the job market these days. If you feel your career has slowed down recently, try these steps before quitting your job. You need to get noticed at your workplace, put your energy in profitable projects, get to know your boss and make the right friends. If implemented properly, following these 6 tips will get you promoted very quick and you will love your new work environment!

1 – Don’t Waste Your Energy

Try to find the projects that will have the biggest impact on the company’s value. If you stick to tasks that are not important, you will not get noticed and your energy will drain pretty fast. “If you say yes too much, your performance will drop,” says the business strategist Larry Myler. Working on the projects that are most profitable for the company, and delivering great results while working on them, gives you a high chance of getting a promotion fast.

2 – Know Your Boss

Knowing your boss will make a better personal connection between you. Try to notice his interests and be positive. For example, if you know your boss likes walking in the nature, you can propose him a few parks on his new business trip. This approach will make him comfortable around you, and you will have better chances to get a promotion.

3 – Choose the Right Colleagues

You want to have a good relationship with the right people, and form alliances with them. Established workers will give you a better insight of the company, and what is most valued on the workplace. “You have to build strong relationships with your bosses, for it is they who will promote you if they think you are enough like them to belong to their hierarchy,” says the career coach Adele Scheele.

4 – Help Your Boss Hit His Targets

“Find out how your boss is judged and how he gets a bonus,” Myler says. Afterwards, you can help the company hit these targets which will make your boss remember you, for sure. Your boss should be recognized for his job done, which ultimately will bring benefit to the whole team.

5 – Be Indispensable

Your boss should be in the position where he can’t afford to lose you. You can be the favorite manager of the company’s biggest client, or you could save your company some money with your new cool idea – whatever it is you want to make yourself indispensable. “If you’re only on email, no one knows what your client contact is like,” Jeffries says. “You want to be visible by racing out because you have lunch with a client or vocal by talking on the phone. The trick is to get people to come to the conclusion that you are successful without bragging.”

6 – Take Notes

The best way not to forget the new instructions about the super-important new project, is to take notes immediately. You should always have a notebook ready, to be able to act fast.

“We hate having to tell you things over and over. No boss should ever have to go over directions more than once. If you don’t understand the direction when it is being given, clarify right then and there and take good notes instead of depending on your memory.”, a company boss said.

With these six effective strategies, you will get noticed by your boss – guaranteed. When the time for promotion comes, you can be confident that you will pop-up in your boss’s mind.