Top US Cities 2017 With The Highest Rank For Work & Living

Top US Cities 2017 With The Highest Rank For Work & Living

Check out the top US cities based on major factors influencing our choice of settlement, education, cost of living, Job market and much more.

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It is becoming more and more common trend to relocate in the 21st century and the U.S. population is of no exception. Finding your way on a new map outline is rather adventurous today. With the same PC or laptop and internet connection across all corners of the U.S. surrounded by the tolerant and open-minded society, new opportunities are knocking on your door. This basically means we are heading to future where no borders will exist.

Our research of digital footprints and the data from U.S. Census Bureau revealed top U.S cities, which rank among the most popular ones to embrace newcomers in 2017. So, what are Americans mostly looking for when they make up their mind to move? To summarize our findings we will highlight the most popular cities of 2017 by various indicators, which provide better chances for entrepreneurs and finance to prosper.  

Austin Texas

AUSTIN, Texas – Good for Career Rise

Coined as “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin population is booming. Located along the Colorado River, Austin is truly proud of its history and cultural spirit. It also attracts so many people, as it provides better opportunities for fresh graduates to rise in career. The list is then followed by Denver, Colorado and San Jose, California preferred for living by survey participants.

boston-MABOSTON, Massachusetts – To Ensure Quality Life

If you are looking for a quality life, look no further! Whether you care more for purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution, or climate, Boston is definitely a choice for life. With a population of 650,000, it boasts to take the eight best city in the world according to Deutsche bank rankings. No other U.S. city appeared on the list.



SAN FRANCISCO, California – For Financial Prosperity

Building good credit and saving up is one of the main concerns people face around the country. This hub for global tech industry also maintains very high climate index. Financially fit residents still rate San Francisco at the top of the list with its high earning power and responsible spending criteria. Several other cities in California, e.g. Fremont, San Jose and Irvine also top up the list.


DENVER, Colorado – To Invest in Real Estate

With real estate prices showing considerable steady rise starting from 2010, BusinessInsider ranked Denver as the top city for homeowners to benefit from their purchase. The property valued in price by 12.6% from 2010 to 2015, while the property tax rate remained one of the lowest across the U.S. at 0.54%. It also influences the cost-efficiency positively.


san-diegoSAN DIEGO, California – Shines with Clean Energy

San Diego takes the honored number one place to contribute in solar energy production. It has great potential of benefiting its 303 MWatt photovoltaic capacity. However, the city has yet utilized only 16 percent of its energy power installing solar panels on small building rooftops. San Diego has all the features to make the success of its solar capacity.


downtown-fort-myersCAPE CORAL-FORT MYERS, Florida – Welcomes New Arrivals

According to Forbes’ list of top 15 fastest-growing cities in the United States for 2017, Cape Coral-Fort Myers topped the list for by the aggregated indicators of population count, employment rate, wages, economic activity and home price growth. The holistic picture of this upscale is supported by 3.39% population growth for 2016.


miamiMIAMI, Florida – Right Choice for Job Seekers

Some cities in the U.S. have sunnier job prospects to offer. According to Indeed Job Portal’s latest ranking, Miami tops the list. To the great surprise of many, who consider NY, Boston and Chicago the right venue to start building up their fortune, the report states that large scale-economies make the living cost higher and limit work-life balance. Florida, in the meantime, has long been home of major employers, like Kraft Foods, Disney, Cisco and cruise line Carnival. It provides room for job advancement in trade transport and utility services.